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Master Your Universe

I so love writing about these transformational concepts and ideas, that if embraced can be life-changing. The words flow like a gentle stream to be shared, and everyone has the right to know how to become Master of their own Universe.

What gives me the right to make such claims? Because they resonate, I have applied them, and I know them to be true. Also a bit of background: I hold a Degree in Psychology, and an Honours Degree in Political Geography. I have trained in the Tradition of Horary Astrology, and remain a lifelong student, and sponge, of all things Spiritual, Metaphysical and Divine. I wear the hats of: Mum, former editor and operations director of a hospitality-linked publishing house, and as an entrepreneur I have also enjoyed the creative expression thus afforded, across a range of endeavours.

But more than all this, I have experienced a lot of life. And with it, a lot of ups, and a lot of downs. Came a point when I was exhausted by the picking up, dusting off and sallying forth gain. Was there a message here that I had missed in the busyness of life? Clearly it was past time to start applying at least some of what I’d learnt to the art of consciously changing my life, that felt like a runaway train.

In other words, I decided to become the deliberate creator of all that I experience. After all, I was creating my life by default anyway. So why not create it consciously, thereby choosing that which I want to experience, and that alone.

Of course, every life is a work in progress that is never done. But, within a couple of years, one of which was ‘locked-down’, I truly have started to change the course of my life. If you so wish, this book can help you alter the direction of your life, too.

Yours in deliberate creation

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PS: The second book in the series: ‘So, Are You Living Happily, Ever After? is well under way. Such fun in the creating. Shall share more about this soon!

You cannot be alive unless you take life gallantly
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