So, Are You Living Happily, Ever After?

“P.A.Pilio has truly lived and experienced the path of creation shared here. The essence of who we truly are shines through her Beingness – credible, truthful, sagacious, and creative, she takes you through finding the same within you.”
Michelle Vooght
Michelle Vooght
Spiritual Teacher, Healer & Divine Guidance Coach

Laws of Attraction & Manifestation

So, Are You Living Happily, Ever After?

This book tells a story. My story. One of trial and error in coming to understand the secrets we are never told. Secrets about the Laws that govern our Universe, that impact our lives every moment of every day.

We each come into this life with the explicit intention to live a life filled with Positive Expectation, Abundance, and Love. And you should not be living anything less.
So, if your life is not working out the way you want it to, the ideas, experiences, tips, and techniques held within the pages of this book, are meant for you.

Isn’t it time to stop struggling to swim upstream, against the forces designed to help you? All that you need is knowledge, intention, awareness, and practice.

Become intimately acquainted with the all-powerful Law of Attraction. Learn how to tap into your unique Guidance system. Recognize the power of your imagination. Because once you do …. then the magic that is your life, begins to unfold.

If just one idea strikes a chord within you, then your life has been enriched through this reading experience. Knowing the truth that resonates within this statement feels good, and feeling good is the essence of what my life, and your life, is all about.

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Video introducing ‘So, Are You Living Happily, Ever After?’. What do you do when your life is not working out.

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