If your answer is “No’, or “Not really”, is there anything you can Do, to change it?

Actually, there is a whole lot you can do to change your circumstances; to positively improve your life; to turn your life into an experience that you look eagerly forward to, every day. Its all about Law of Attraction (#LoA)

So, you come into physical form, and life comes to you. Oftentimes you think it is actually coming at you, but it really isn’t. Our planet lies in a universe of attraction. Only attraction. There is no assertion. Nor is there any exclusion. Only attraction. And inclusion. Whilst others can impact you, they can do so only if you allow it. And the way you allow it, usually without awareness, is by resonating at their frequency; at the frequency of their thoughts, their desires, their beliefs. In other words, by being a match to their vibration.

So, here you are, experiencing the variety and diversity that life offers. All the daily experiences comprising the ups and downs; the highs, and lows; what you think of as the good and bad.

Yet with remarkable ease, you set about sifting and sorting, and deliberating and deciding, and choosing and not choosing — that is also a choice — and coming to conclusions about what you like and what you don’t like.

And nothing makes you more clear in knowing what you do want, than when you experience something that you don’t want. Because when you experience something that feels a little off, or perhaps feels bad, or even awful, with a jolt of absolute clarity, you know precisely what you’d rather experience. And in the act of making that decision, a powerful desire is born within you.

And herein lies the value in all that is unwanted: If you never experience unwanted, you would never know the pleasure of experiencing the wanted. It is as if the one gives birth to the other.

Unwanted causes you to want.

And that desire causes the expansion of the part of you that remained in non-physical, when you chose to come into physical manifestation. And if it all goes according to plan, the further expansion of you, too.

So, whether or not you vocalize, or even acknowledge this new desire, in that moment of clarity, you birthed a new vibrational emanation. And the greater non-physical part of you, your Guiding-Self, immediately attaches to this energetic new-form, and expands into it. And then holds it in undivided focus.

You see, your Guiding-Self enjoys a complete, and detailed overview of everything.

Your Guiding-Self knows where you are physically; knows where you are vibrationally; knows where your desire is vibrationally. And constantly, and consistently ‘beams’ to you the directions to your desire. Moment-by-moment.

Wherever you currently stand, there are any number of routes you could take that will lead you to your desire. And your Guiding-Self knows each and every one of them. So, as you turn this way, you are guided on this new route. And should you turn that way, you are guided along that route. Always along the route that is the most enjoyable that you will allow yourself to follow.

You see, you can you ever ‘miss the boat’. For the simple reason that there is a never-ending stream of boats waiting for you to hop aboard, at any one time. Because this non-physical part of you, never ceases transmitting directions to you — through impulses, through thoughts, through ideas, through what you may term intuition. Through other people, through rendezvous, through events.


But many have forgotten that we intended to dance, this eternal dance of co-creation, together. We forget because we are taught otherwise by the well-intentioned people who love us, and the well-meaning people who ‘teach’ us. Instead of encouraging you to remain connected to the high energetic vibration that you are when you arrived; instead of focusing on your joy, and love, and abundance, that resonate at that vibration, you are taught to care about what others think and what others feel and what others say and what others do.

And so, you take your focus away from the ‘All’ that you know you are. And you over-shadow this with fitting in. With being liked. With wanting to please. With getting on with others.

And in sublimating your own desires, your own joy, you separate yourself from that vibration of love and abundance that you are, eternally. And in this separation, you no longer ‘hear’ the calling of that non-physical part of you.

The longer this goes on, the more miserable you become. Because no matter where you are in this experience of life, there is an inner knowing that you just aren’t meant to experience those feelings of dissatisfaction, or despair, or hopelessness, or anger, or hurt, or jealousy, or blame, or worthlessness.

And the more we move away, the worse we feel. Until we come to the point where we bury ourselves in whatever we can find that soothes: Substances, prescribed or not; excessive physical activity; distractions; work.

We go to war against any-thing from drunk drivers to religion; from sexual preference to political preference; from carbohydrates to innumerable points of interest. Or disinterest.

Yet, in this universe of attraction, you can never fix anything that you push against. And, just for the record : There is nothing here, that needs you to fix or change it. When you accept that everything is perfectly the way it is, you turn your attention to creating your life just the way you want it to be, rather than trying to change conditions, that you never can.

And from this magnificent and extensive assortment before you, you intended to choose that which you wanted. You did not intend to focus on what you did not want. Because when you place your attention over there, on whatever it is that you don’t want, the way you feel about it causes you to find vibrational harmony with it. And you cannot improve anything from that lower vibration. Because in steps the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction is the non-discriminating manager of all vibrations within our universe. In the same way that we tend to categorize everything — strong and weak, left and right, happy, and sad, rich, and poor, love and hate — the Law of Attraction gathers thoughts according to the energetic vibration at which they resonate. And because thoughts and emotions are intricately linked — the vibration giving rise to the thought that instantaneously gives rise to the emotion that fuels the thought — feelings are gathered, along with their corresponding thoughts.

Therefore, in any circumstance when you say ‘No’ to what you don’t want, you may as well be saying ‘Yes’ to it. Because your very focus upon the subject that you want to get rid of, or change, attracts to you more thoughts, and more feelings, and more words, and more people, and more events, that match those same unwanted vibrations.

This being the case — and it is — just how then, do you think you’re ever going to reach a place of joy and abundance and vitality, when you’re surrounding yourself with a growing vibration of what you don’t want?

Quite simply, you cannot. It is not possible for you to achieve your happily, ever after, when:

· You’re mired in the negativity of that which you do not want.

· You are predominantly focussed on the absence of what you want.

· You’re feeling hard done by, or depressed, or worried, or agitated, or confused, or any of the other negative emotions you may experience.

The only way you can facilitate the manifestation of your happily ever after, is to have a spring in your step.

Be Happy. Be relaxed. Feel abundant, and eager, and expectant of those wanted things coming.

You must be clear of mind, and looking forward to what tomorrow will bring, because of the attention you are paying to the way you feel today.

This is the only way of Being that will get you from where you presently are, to where you want to go.

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