Often we find it difficult to stay aligned to that higher vibration of what we desire. Largely, because what we want can just seem to take so long to materialize.

So, how do you hold faith in the absence of what you desire?

Carl Sagan said it perfectly, when he noted that : “The absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence”. Although he was staring into the Cosmos at the time, this is the best-ever explanation to tide you through the process of deliberate creation. Because …

“The absence of evidence, is not evidence of absence”.

Carl Sagan

In the sureness of knowing the truth contained within these words, let us take a moment to recap the process of intentional creation:

  1. As the deliberate creator you are becoming, you acknowledge that you tend to decide what you want through your experience of what you don’t want. Moreover, as you identify what you prefer, you vibrate it into Being. You know it’s there, in all its glory, in that ‘virtual’ reality that you’ve already created. Your ‘virtual’ reality that, in the entire process of manifestation, is a sort of gestational phase, if you will.
  2. The next, and most important, step in the process of deliberate creation, is that you set about aligning with the vibration of your desire. We say ‘most important’ because this is the step you really should be most concerned with. Not concerned about, as in anxious, but concerned with, as in ‘this is where your focus really always ought to be’.
    This is the work, in fact it is the only work, that you need to involve yourself in.
  3. You see, the greater, non-physical part of you that is sacred, and always knows what to do, resonates with your desire in the very instant that you birth it. In other words: Your Guiding-self immediately melds with the essence of that which you want. Now all that remains in this process of your desire be-coming, is that you do so, too.
  4. And how do you achieve resonance with what you desire?
    By being aware of how you feel, and wanting to feel as good as you can in the moment. This translates into: Being conscious of your thoughts. Because in this way, you are able to reach for better feeling thoughts, in every moment that you choose to.
  5. Then, if thinking about what you want, feels good, then using your imagination to visualize having, or enjoying, or driving, or living, or spending, or being with what you desire, feels simply wonderful.

In a world of perfect deliberate creation, you stay focused on your desire in an easy, and relaxed way. You don’t doubt its coming. Rather, you occupy yourself with good feeling thoughts and happy things, whilst eagerly looking forward to the full and physical manifestation of what you desire.


If you’ve been a student of the Law of Attraction (#LoA) for a while, and have a sound understanding of the art of deliberate creation, these steps describe what you will have been doing.

However, even as a student of universal laws, you may well find yourself at a point when you cannot help but wonder, “When will this thing I want be-come? When will it actualize into my life? Why is it taking so long?”

“What am I doing wrong? I must be doing something wrong, yet I don’t think I am.
– My mood is generally positive, and I feel good much of the time, which means that I’m often aligned with my desire.
– When I think about it, I am filled with pleasure. So, what gives?”

And, then you may run through the rest of your deliberate creation checklist, which loosely translates into: “More often than not, I …

# Am focussed on what I want, and avert my gaze from that which I don’t.
# Meditate for 15–20 minutes each morning, and often feel that happy disconnect.
# Am aware of my thoughts. And when I don’t feel great, I reach for thoughts that feel better.
# Spend time appreciating so much that is in my life, and all around me.
# Am forging a personal connection with my Guiding-self, and following their positive-feeling promptings.
# Stand in my supreme worthiness, and of all I create.

Yet, here you are questioning “When is my desire going to manifest?” Or, on a more personal note: ‘When is that new career opportunity going to present itself? When will I meet the person of my dreams? When will my bank balance improve? When will we stop fighting? When will I find the perfect babysitter? When will I win?’

And of course, the moment you pose the question, you don’t feel so good anymore. Your vibration melts away from that happy feeling place of imagining yourself with that which you desire.

As your vibration shifts down a gear, you inadvertently slow down the process of your desire be-coming.

Being the conscious creator you now are, you may head yourself off when you feel the question arising. But really? That doesn’t change a thing. Remember the Universe cares little about what you say. It’s how you feel that matters, in all things deliberate.

Irrespective of what you say, you cannot pretend to feel something that you do not. You cannot trick your Guiding-self, who knows all. You cannot trick the Law of Attraction, that manages all things vibrational.

And so it is, that in your wondering about timing, your focus shifts from what it is you desire, to an awareness of its continued absence. The vibration that you then emanate slows down, and as it does, it moves away from the higher, finer vibration of that which you want.

Depicted as an equation, the situation is really quite straight-forward, and would look like this:

Questioning timing (of your desire)= Doubting (its coming) = Shift in vibration (yours)=Doesn’t feel good (you)= Resistance (blocking its be-coming).

This equation represents the situation when you’re feeling frustration, or another negative emotion, around the as yet non-appearance of what you desire.

Staying with the concept of equations a while longer, what then would an equation look like that represents the solution to this dilemma?

Magnetizing (your desire) =Get off the details that cause the questioning = Feels better (you)= Allowing (wellbeing flows) = Manifestation (of your desire)

Easier said than done?
“Maybe. Because how do I stop thinking about the thing that I want not yet being here?”, we hear you ask.

FIRST-OFF, rather than continuing to build negative momentum around the subject of your desire, shift gears to thoughts on a totally different subject. One that feels good to you.
This approach can be really effective if you don’t have too much energy moving around what it is you want.

However, as you’re likely to be really, really interested in what you desire, you’ve already got lots of energy spiralling around the thought of it. And this spiralling energy field is being continually bolstered by the Law of Attraction. So, shifting gears into a different subject is not that easy. You’ll probably just be sucked straight back into the subject of your desire.

THE ALTERNATIVE lies in talking yourself down from this acute awareness of the continued absence of your desire.

I find that the lines that work well, regardless of the subject of desire, go something like this: “This is not a big deal. This really isn’t a big deal. There’s nothing major going on here.” As soon as the words spill from my lips, or are freed from my mind, I feel a gentling in the energy I’ve created, in this moment. A relief of sorts.

Then I say words like: “I know I deserve to have this ‘blank blank’. I’m a Vibrational Being, I am supremely deserving, and I know that I’ve already wished it into ‘virtual’ being.

I also know that the larger vibrational part of me is sacred, and knows what to do. It’s not all up to me. Not now, not ever. My vibrational partner, my Guiding-self, is constantly leading me forward towards all that I desire.

Sometimes I forget that in my human-ness, instant manifestation is not yet on the cards. So, everything does take a while. And that’s fine with me. Just because it has to be fine with me. So, while my desire is gestating, I’m going to find other things to focus on, that feel good.

As I do so, I rest easy knowing that no one else has any power to affect the be-coming of my desire. All is well. And I’m going to pleasure myself in this sense of Wellbeing.”

SIMILARLY, any time focusing on your desire does not elicit good feeling vibes – usually because of your doubting its be-coming – it helps to think in broader brush strokes. A good way to accomplish this, is to shift your preoccupation from the details of your desired manifestation, to a more general focus.

The way you feel in any moment, is not only the indicator of what you’re manifesting right now, but of what you are attracting down the line.

Acknowledge that you don’t feel so good, and that it is fully within your power to shift this vibration, right now.

Then contemplate those good-feeling manifestations that you have magnetized into your life. Happy moments such as a great phone call, a new friend, a stroll in the park, a compliment, a sense of ease, a feeling of successful accomplishment, a new coat of paint for your house, super service, a delicious meal, feelings of love and appreciation and wellbeing, a smile from a stranger, a glorious view.

As you begin to focus here, you will quickly be reminded of others, which is how #LoA operates. And in next to no time, you will start shifting not only your thoughts, but also your vibration. As the energy builds around your thoughts of these wonderful manifestations that you have already attracted into your experience, hone in on the specifics of them. This will enhance the new spiralling energy field you are creating, and any feelings of frustration around the timing of the be-coming of your desire, will transmute into feelings that are more pleasurable.

You will forget your impatience. You will forget your questioning. You will move towards feeling better. You will move towards a vibration that closer approximates the resonance of your desire; one that continues to encourage its full physical manifestation.

And in this awareness, you will naturally be reminded of the power you hold to create the life of your dreams. And that, like all the other manifestations you have attracted into your life, this desire is most certainly on its way to you, too!

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