Awesome Beginner’s guide to Law of Attraction in 2021

Every drop of ‘feeling better’ is like a magic elixir! Kick-start 2021 with this easy to follow guide to the Law of Attraction


Let’s start with what the Law of Attraction (#LoA) is not

  • The Law of Attraction is not about you looking hot and steamy in an attempt to attract someone you have your eye on.
  • The Law of Attraction is not some sick concept created by a bunch of weirdos in the 1990’s.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction is one of a number of Laws that govern the existence, and interaction of all life on our planet.

Actually, the Law of Attraction extends way beyond the borders of our planet, for it is a universal law that governs all vibration throughout the universe.

What is vibration?

A human being, a dog, a bird, a tree is an integrated system of constantly moving atoms and electrons and other particles. Think of everything that lives as a bundle of electrical charges that are constantly on-the-move.

This never-ending motion translates into a general, or dominant vibration, or energetic-field that surrounds all living entities.

No two are alike.

Do I create my own vibration?

Yes. You create the energetic-field that surrounds you through your emotions. And the way you feel in any moment depends on what you are thinking about.

So, you are constantly creating, or emitting this field of energy in accordance with what you are thinking, and how those thoughts make you feel.

You wear your emotional-field like a cloak. Your thoughts and feelings cloak you in an orb of energy that is in constant, subtle motion.

The good news is that your vibration is temporary. It is actuated in the moment, which means your usual, or normal attitude is not set for life. You can change it any time that you choose to.

The ebb and flow of your glow

Your emotional-field in not a static orb that surrounds you.

Think of it more like an undulating, pulsating imperceptible glow of colours and motion that is clearly seen by the Law of Attraction.

Tentacle-like, your emotional-field ebbs and flows around you.

It is continually reaching out beyond your physical form, towards other vibrations that match its frequency, or vibration.

Simultaneously, it is retracting from vibrations that differ in frequency, and so are not a match.

Law of Attraction
Image: Abed Nieri

How does the Law of Attraction, #LoA, affect me?

Just like you, every other being on the planet is thinking thoughts and feeling emotions.

Every other individual is creating their own emotional-field that cloaks them, and that is also pulsating, and ebbing and flowing, and reaching out and retracting.

And the Law of Attraction is reacting to each and every one of these vibrations, and matching them, one to another.

In other words: In every waking moment, the Law of Attraction is bringing to you more of the synchronicities – more of the people and places and events and happenings – that match your vibration, that we call your emotional-field.

Like always attracts like

If you feel predominantly bad-sad-mad, you will encounter more that is bad-sad-mad, because this is what your emotional-field is consistently attracting.

If you feel positive, bright, and happy more of the time, then you will attract more people, happenings, and other things that resonate with this more positive vibration.

There is no such thing as opposites attract. Like always attracts like.

In the same way that the Law of Gravity is consistent in drawing matter towards earth, the Law of Attraction is consistent in the way it manages vibration.

Glass half-empty, glass half-full

If you are the glass half empty type, and wish to change your outlook on life, you may now understand why this can take a little while to accomplish.

Your habit of thought tends to the negative on the emotional scale, and so Law of attraction keeps bringing you more of the same.

But stay with it. Do not give up. Become conscious about what you are thinking. Not just occasionally, but as often as you can throughout the day.

Image: Artem Beliaikin

6 000 thoughts

This is how many thoughts some researchers estimate we think in a day. In other words, you have many, many opportunities each day to practice this life-changing technique.

  • On awaking, set the intention to be conscious of your thoughts this day.
  • Then, be aware of what you are thinking. It’s all well and good setting the intention, but you have to do the work, too!
  • When you catch yourself thinking a thought that does not feel good, Stop.
  • Then deliberately change the topic you’re mentally gnawing on.
  • Shift your focus to a subject that feels better.
  • If what you were thinking has you feeling angry, find a different topic altogether that brings you relief from anger.
  • If what you were thinking has you feeling down, pick a new subject that picks you up, even if it’s just a little.
Law of Attraction
Image: Wanaktek

+15 second focus

Every time you catch yourself thinking bad-mad-sad thoughts, and you consciously choose a better-feeling subject to think about, work towards staying with those better-feeling thoughts for as long as possible.

Initially aim for +15 seconds. Abraham suggests that it takes 17 seconds of consistent thought for the Law of Attraction to match one vibration to another. I don’t know whether or not this is true, but I can tell you that achieving any goal feels good. And that a 17 second focus is readily attainable.

When you’ve done it once, you can do it twice, thrice, and more. And each time it becomes easier.

Soon, you will establish a new rhythm, with a series of +15-second positive thoughts forming a powerful energetic chain that becomes a minute or two.

Every drop of ‘feeling better’ is like a magic elixir. Not just in this moment, but thanks to the Law of Attraction, in the next moment, and the next, and the next. If you will allow it.

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