The Law of Attraction and the Art of Appreciation

Appreciation is the gift that keeps on giving. The Art of Appreciating is key to Living Happily Ever After. When you appreciate, you ignite a chain of positive feelings that becomes self-generating

The Art of Appreciating

There are little gestures you can make, and little things you can do, that will help you to live happily ever after.

Then, there are big gestures you can make, and big things you do, that will help you to live happily ever after.

Here’s the rub: It takes no more effort to execute the big gestures, than it does the small. So, let’s focus on the biggest, most notable gesture of all.

Nothing matters more than Appreciation

The most notable of all the possible thoughts and actions that will facilitate a happy, rewarding, and fulfilling life is the singular art of appreciation.

Appreciation is a mental and emotional activity that tends largely to be intuitive. Afterall, we are, each and every one, wired to Well-Being.

However, early circumstances can mean that the art of appreciation has been forgotten, or put on the back-burner. In such cases, this must be pointed out, and the benefits of appreciation highlighted.

Simply stated: When you feel good, those around you tend to feel better. When those around you feel good, you tend to feel better.

What says the Law of Attraction?

It requires no stretch of the imagination to agree that the more Well-being that flows, the better for all.

The Law of Attraction matches like with like vibration. It brings together that which resonates at similar energetic frequencies. Therefore, the more Well-being that flows, the more Well-being it attracts.

And the art of appreciation combines the best of all worlds: This state of Being is both simple to execute, and yet the impact it exerts is enormous. Immeasurable.

Image: Rebecca Hobbs

Appreciate yourself

Appreciation is unlimited in the knock-on influence it has on everyone and everything around you. But this state of Well-being begins with you. You are the first link in the energetic chain, so to speak.

Start by appreciating yourself. And there are a million reasons why you deserve to be appreciated.

We spend so much energy beating up on ourselves, that appreciating yourself would make a pleasant, and welcome change. It would also be a monster step in the positive direction that you want to move.

The power of thank-you

  1. Appreciation has a positive effect on whatever or whoever is being appreciated.
  2. Appreciation positively impacts you, the individual who is offering the Well-Being.
  3. Appreciation has a way of rubbing off on those individuals and circumstances that are next encountered.

When you appreciate, you ignite a chain of positive feelings that becomes self-generating.

You actually light up with positive energy, and innately flow this state of Wellbeing in the direction of the intended recipient.

Light up your world

In your mind’s eye, see the appreciation you are offering as a strong chord of golden light. This ‘beam’ expands once it reaches the intended target, encompassing all within the greater vicinity.

That you cannot see the glow around you means naught. Carl Sagan says it best: ‘Lack of evidence, is not evidence of lack’.

In other words, just because you can’t see it, does not mean the glow is not there. All it means is that you can’t see it.

Image: Caroline Hernandez

The power of prayer

A genuine prayer of appreciation holds infinitely more power than any prayer that stems from a place of need.

You’ll be amazed to find that when you start thinking about, or noting down all that you have to appreciate, just how much there is.

From the sun that rose this morning, to the rain that brings life. From the smile offered by a stranger spreading Well-being, to the opportunity that presented itself. From the green traffic lights encountered on your way to work, to the book you’re reading.

In this state of awareness, your prayer of need often falls by the wayside. And in the joy that your prayer of appreciation generates, your need is often realized.

Image: Ben White

It is not your words, but how you feel that matters

When you truly mean the words you offer, such as: “I so appreciate the smile you offered today’, or “I appreciate your thoughtfulness”, or “Thank you for helping me sort that out”, you light up with pleasure, and your world feels brighter.

The other person also lights up with joy, which may lead them to offer a word of upliftment, or a smiling “good morning”, to the next person they encounter.

The chain of good vibes that you initiated, quickly spreads.

Perhaps someone overhead your genuine exchange. Saddened by a recent loss, she also lit up with the positivity of your appreciation, and experienced a flash of inspiration that changed her life for the better.

Perhaps, at some future time, that passer-by could even be you.

Image: Allef Vinicius

Do it for you

Your genuine offering of appreciation infuses your life, and the life of those around you in magical, unseen ways.

You may offer your appreciation because you feel the other person(s), or situation is deserving. You may think you could score you brownie points, or perhaps you simply feel duty-bound to do so.

However, the very best reason to appreciate anything or anyone is purely for yourself. For no other reason than it makes you feel good.

Because feeling good is ultimately what living happily ever after, is really all about. And every drop of good-feeling is like a magic elixir waiting to be uncorked!

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