Having birthed a new desire, there are myriad ways in which you can then prevent it from coming to you

When referring to resistance on your path, we talk of you not allowing the things you want to become manifest. And it may be surprising to you to discover just how easy this is to accomplish. How, while waiting for your desire to gestate, what you think about and how you feel almost always throw hurdles on the path of becoming. Not hurdles that merely obstruct the materialization of the object of your desire, but frequently block it entirely, or keep it from coming for a very long time.

Often we are asked the role that others play in the success, or lack thereof, of your manifesting. Be assured that no-one has the power to block the manifestation of your desires. No-one that is, barring you.

It is only the resonance of your vibration that can ever prevent or slow down your receiving. Even when your desire involves the cooperation of another, their free will is never a player in your manifestation process. It is all about you. Moment-by-moment, through the clarity and strength of your desire, your focus and your resonance, you are the sole creator of your reality.

Having said this, you can be positively influenced by, and are an influencer of others, through the power of alignment. In other words: When you are in the vicinity of, and relishing that high fine vibration of pure positivity that is home to your Guiding-self and all you desire, your awareness of, and access to the creator-force that is flowing through you, is heightened. When you then hold another as your object of attention, and focus on their positive attributes that also resonate at this frequency, you literally magnetize these attributes towards you. The idiom ‘out of thin air’ comes to mind, but this is not the case. Its all about focus and alignment, and of course Law of attraction is a huge boon in bringing to you more of the same.

This is a sure-fire way to improve personal relationships. Make a list of the positive traits you are desiring from the other, and focus upon them regularly from within the purity of your alignment to your Guiding-self. Just as you would any other desire. You’ll be astounded at the shift that takes place within your relationship, and it won’t take that long before it starts becoming evident.

So then, if the becoming of your desire cannot be adversely affected by others, what is the source of the hurdles that do block or delay it?

As we’ve said: ‘It’s all about you’. Your doubt throws-up a hurdle. Your beliefs that are limiting or disempowering create hurdles. Your disbelief is a hurdle, as is your frustration and fear and the gamut of other negative feelings you experience at times. And of course, discussing your idea with others — before you have had a chance to nurture it and come to believe in it fully, and thus being open to being dissuaded from your path — is often the death knell of a new brain-child.

Your beliefs are no more than your habits of thought, and in “So, Are You Living Happily, Ever After?’ we discuss how to identify and lead yourself out of ill-serving patterns of thought.

Another fertile area of hurdle-generation shows itself when you start thinking that this manifestation process is becoming a bit long in the tooth. It is then that the following types of questions sneak up on you, and trip you up every time. “How is it going to happen; When is it going to happen; Who is it going to be; Where is it going to come from?”. Like venom spreading through your veins, the ‘How, When, Who, Where’ kibosh the becoming of your new desires.

Firstly, because in their asking, these words engender feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Secondly, because posing these questions calls your focus there, and away from your desire.

Trying to find a solution to something you don’t know the answer to, and cannot possibly know the answer to, tends to tie you up in knots. And all the while you resonate at a frequency that is totally different to that of your pure and positive idea.

The very nature of asking How, When, Who, Where? creates some degree of angst within you, that shifts your vibration away from that which you want. And as the Law of Attraction adds to your angst, those feelings grow in intensity, moving you further away from that positive feeling place you were in before the questions arose. This in turns generates more angst that usually prompts the question: “What am I doing wrong?” And so the slippery emotional slope continues to lead you vibrationally further away from your desire, and impacts its evolution.

Now that you know this, when you find yourself starting to ponder these types of questions, just stop. Distract yourself with a pleasant activity or pleasant thoughts on a different topic. Hurdle avoided!

On the other hand, the question ‘Why do I want this thing that I want?’ is a different matter altogether. In the same way that asking “What do I want?” stimulates you into a place of positive imagining, the question “Why do I want it” is to be greatly encouraged, because this is a question to which you absolutely know the answer:
“I want it because it will fulfil me. I want it because: It sounds exciting; I’ll look good; It’ll feel amazing; It will delight me; I’ll be independent; I’ll feel free. In other words, you want it for the positive ways in which having it will make you feel. HAPPY. And that feeling certainly resonates with the pure positive vibration of your desire, and of your Guiding-self who is right there in the expansion of it.

Posing the question: ‘Why do I want this thing that I want?’ will always take you into a better-feeling place. Even if this feeling is one of relief, because relief resonates on the softer side of optimism. Relief is good. Relief still positively enhances your vibration. And as you stay there in your thoughts, the Law of Attraction brings to you more of the same. So, stay a while longer. And as you do, the natural expansion of this vibration will take you into visualizing what the object of your desire looks like, tastes like, sounds like, feels like, smells like.

With practice, as you engage more pointedly with your senses, your desire starts to become a true sensory experience. And as your mind does not differentiate between what is physically ‘real’ and what is vibrationally ‘real’ — it all being initially vibrational — as you hone your sensory skills, and linger in your visualizing, you increasingly make your vibrational desire more real in your physical world.

The process unfolds in this way: Like absolutely everything in this universe, you, too are vibrational. And, in your desire for this thing you want, in your asking for it, you taped into a vibration that you translated into a thought, thereby strengthening the vibration of it; making it more ‘real’ than the vibration it was before becoming a thought. Simultaneously, the part of universal consciousness that is you, that we term your Guiding-Self, is right there compounding the resonance of your desire through their unwavering attention, and nudging you toward it.

But, together with that initial thought, you also translated the vibration of an emotion you experienced into a really good feeling. This further enhanced the vibrational strength of your desire, with the Law of attraction following your lead and continuing to power it up with more energy.

Now, there really is very little that separates vibrational reality from physical reality. In fact, all that is physical started life as vibration. Even you. And it is through your focus and feeling that you make real all that you experience. Which means that the more you immerse yourself in the seeing, smelling, hearing, tasting, touching of it, the more real your desire becomes to you.

The more you ‘real’ it, the more real it becomes, until … here it is!

Then, as you continue to be easy about it’s manifestation and enjoy life, your visualizations come to result in ‘real’ visceral experiences that further fuel the energy of your desire. The lines begin to blur between the vibrational essence that it is and the physical form it will become, as manifestation accelerates.

We could also say that the more you focus with pure intent, on the pleasure of your desire and its presence as a reality in your life, the quicker you magnetize it into a more solid version of that thought form.

But remember, that in the realm of deliberate creation there’s no ‘faking it until you make it’. The universe gives not a toss about what you say. It’s all about how you feel. So when the words, thoughts and feelings vibrate in unison …. now you’ve hit upon a truly winning formula.

In closing, a reminder to always be gentle with yourself. This is not a competition, nor is it akin to a race to be run with a deadline in place. Deliberate creation is a process, whose unfolding provides the clues as to your evolution and expansion. And you always know how you are doing, in the moment, by the way you feel and what is coming to you. The formula is simple:

  • The better you feel, the closer you are in your alignment with your Guiding-self and all you desire.
  • The closer your alignment is to the pure positive energy of your Guiding-self, the better you feel.
  • In each situation, the converse is also true.

When you believe that your desire is vibrationally manifested in the moment you light up at the thought of it, and that each thought and emotion you experience along its path of becoming is a manifestation at your hand, then in time you will know this to be true. And with the certainty of knowing comes the focus of the deliberate creator. Or perhaps it is the other way around.

Afterall, nothing happens unless first you dream it.

With your gentle focus on your wanting, the Law of attraction and the Creator-force will gather it all together for you, while your Guiding-self will nudge you along your easy-going, knowing, good-feeling path. And with you being wholly in energetic sync, you will translate your wanting, into your having.

The ebb and flow of life is the ebb and flow of thoughts, of emotions, of feelings … of things.

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